We as a church want to have VIBRANT faith, and we are going to put that faith into action. On Saturday, March 10, we are having a huge outreach day in our community called “VIBRANT DAY.” We will be participating in different projects throughout the city to bless the people of Yakima. Check out what we have in-store below!


GARFIELD ELEMENTARY | Throwing a carnival onsite at Garfield Elementary! It’s gonna be a great day of fun and free BBQ!

CROSSPOINT CHURCH |  Partnering with CrossPoint Church to help paint and do landscaping projects on their campus.

SINGLE MOMS | Providing oil changes, car washes, and interior detailing to bless single moms here in our community.

LAUNDROMATS | Taking over laundromats in the city and paying for people’s laundry, as well as providing kids activities and food!

GRAFFITI CLEAN UP | Work with the city of Yakima to paint over graffiti and clean up garbage.


If you would like to be a part of all the exciting things happening on VIBRANT DAY, you can sign up HERE!